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LG 3D Smart TV Features Demo LA6200 & LA6205 Series

For those of you wonder how LG TVs in the LA6200 and LA6205 series fair in terms of smart features, then look no further. Exact model numbers of the TVs I will be discussing can be found below.
➨Intro animation by: http://www.youtube.com/user/GrimeGFX

➨TV models discussed in this video:
LA6200 Models: 42LA6200, 47LA6200, 50LA6200, 55LA6200, 60LA6200

LA6205 Models: 42LA6205, 47LA6205, 50LA6205, 55LA6205, 60LA6205

➨LG 47LA6205 47" 1080p LED 3D Smart TV Review:

➨LG 47LA6205 47" 1080p LED 3D Smart TV Unboxing:

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Padhu Nandhu : Hotstar and amazon prime app can be install in this lg smart tv ??
Beans Rice : How to factory reset?
please good sir.
Bojan Palameta : I still have it and its perfect
boyan bagus : Bro what does the LG 3D Apps in LG 3D TV do ? Does it shows 3D movies ?
Da C-Blinkz Enterprise : Hi there, I got problem with opening YouTube on my LG Smart same as your model. I unable to browser it. Actually it still working until today but it was not working anymore. Last few months it did warning about "Your browser will not support soon, please update your browser"

I can't update or download any search engine.

Does anyone have same problem?

FREE 47" LG 3D Smart TV *Repaired at no cost*

*Disclaimer* This is a first video posted to YouTube with a repair of the such by me, so bear with the poor video editing and quality. I realize and acknowledge there is much better methods to video and produce this type of content. Maybe one day I will turn it into more than just a hobby. I have repaired a few electronics over the last couple of years and this video is really just to document the theory that you can repair a LG TV that is stuck on the logo screen by baking the board in the oven. I wanted to put the theory to the test just to see if it did work, and document the process.
Tom Davis : Is it still working or did you have to replace the board?
James Fuller : The board has to be replaced. I have not gotten around to replacing it yet, but the "reflow" of the board did not last. The TV was functional after this for a little while, but definitely not a permanent solution. That being said, I didn't expect it to be. Still interesting that it "fixed" it, even if only temporarily.

LG 3D Cinema Smart TV (47LM7600): Walkthrough

Here's an walkthrough of my new 3D TV!
Abhishek Panda : @TechHarvest - Have you tried hooking up a Wireless keyboard/mouse with the LG Smart TV? I was wondering if that was possible.
BillSauceify : Is this the TruMotion one?
TechHarvest : Yes
TechHarvest : I haven't tried this yet.
jebbj19 : Great review should help every interested buyer LG should recommend this when selling their set. I'm an LG person with the 47LM8600 over 18 months of service. LG




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